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Camera with A5 processor makes iPhone 4S 16GB Black Smarter and Faster

Brilliant Camera with A5 processor makes iPhone 4S 16GB Black Smarter and Faster

Author: Mark Bush

The iPhone 4S 16GB Black has come as surprise for the consumers as they were thinking for iPhone5, but this too has some brilliant features.What is most surprising with the Apple iPhone 4S 16GB black is that the phone makers have upgraded the camera from 5 megapixels to an amazing 8 megapixel. Going by the reputation which iPhone has developed since its launch the 8 megapixel camera is something to drool over before you snap.

The CPU of iPhone 4S is still the same dual-core A5 processor as the company offered with the iPad 2, but it has a seven time increase in graphical processing power.

What will really excite most of the users of the Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 4S
who had been waiting for the iPhone5 is that the iPhone 4S has come with a new feature called SIRI.  It is Apple's voice recognition service. Now you need to check it to understand how it works but let us tell you something about the Siri services.

If you ask Siri something it will reply to you. It is like you are asking a question and a teacher is sitting somewhere to respond.

For those mobile phone users who were looking for an ultimate deal on the iPhone, the iPhone 4S provides them with a gaming bonanza. The A5 chip proves to be powerful, provides the mobile phone users with seven times faster graphics. The iPhone 4S is faster and responsive. It is also power efficient which will help the mobile phone users to play it longer.

The 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 4S is way better than what has been offered with iPhone4. It offers 60 percent more pixels.

The iPhone 4S 16GB black is on brilliant and cheap deals for the UK customers. One can always see the service providers for the offers on the iPhone 4S 16GB. There is so much to check into contract phone deals for the consumers.

For those who love online shopping and comparing deals among the networks before actually buying a phone, they can check iPhone 4S 16GB black at on some amazing contract deals from different networks.

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