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Apple Iphone 4S Contract

Apple Iphone 4S Contract: Avail the most hi- end slate smartphone

Author:Anne Frank

Iphone 4S, a mobile gadget that combines a touchscreen slate smartphone and a widescreen ipad, has been striking the market of mobile phones with greater hits. The smartphone is among the best of the handy gadgets apple have ever manufactured. Its exclusive features and impressive appearance is all that is setting it above other mobile gadgets existing in the market. Through Apple Iphone 4S Contract, you can procure this exclusive mobile gadget at affordable terms along with a range of other enticing offers and benefits.
Contract deals are cost- effective mobile availing options that require the customers to sign an agreement of a pre- defined tenure with the network services of top most mobile network companies like that of Vodafone, T Mobile, Virgin, Orange, T Mobile or O2. The deal usually lasts for a contract term of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months as chosen by the customers and it can further be extended if customers desire to continue with the same mobile network services. The deal is pay monthly mobile phone deal under which users are bounded with a condition wherein customers cannot switch to any other network company until their contract term with existing network services gets over. Apple Iphone 4S Contract and Iphone 4 Contract proves to be the best of means that enable you avail this exclusive mobile set at a cheaper price and that too along with best of offers and incentives. The deal being economical in nature provide exclusive benefits to the consumers that may include mobile phones with free gifts. Some of the freebies offered with the deal include LCD TV, Free Mobile Insurance, PSP, Laptops, PS3, or Instant Cash Back.

Some other enticing incentives offered with the deal include extra talk time, free night minutes, free text messages, unlimited downloading, web access and many others. Pay as you go deals and SIM Free deals are other most popular mobile phone deals that help you avail the mobile gadget with greater cost- effectiveness. These deals are equipped with best of services and offers to gain maximum consumer satisfaction. UK market is flooded with a plethora of mobile phone deals that avail best of offers to help the consumers avail their dream mobile set. All you need to do is to go through online mobile portals and compare different deals and offers to select the one you are looking for.

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iPhone 4S tariff plans with Airtel & Aircel

Apple iPhone 4S tariff plans with Airtel & Aircel


The Apple mobiles has officially launched its new Apple iPhone 4S on 25th November. The Apple iPhone 4S coming with various tariff plans which attract to the buyers. The Apple iPhone 4S also available in three different variants like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. And the price is also different according to the variant storage capacity. The Apple iPhone 4S pictures are updated online and is avaialable on the internet. The telecom operators like Aircel and Airtel have been revealed their tariff plan for the new Apple iPhone 4S device in the Indian mobile market. The Apple iPhone 4S price in India for 16 GB variant is Rs 44,500, while the 32GB variant price is tagged at Rs 49,900, and the highest variant 64GB price will be available at Rs 57,700. The Apple mobiles launched its many portfolios segment that is iPad, iPhone, iCloud, iTunes, and so on.

The Apple iPhone 4S features are packed with iOS 5 operating system and runs on a dual core A5 chip processor. The telecom operators suggest that the buyers can recover the cost of new Apple iPhone 4S during a period of 2 years. In fact, Aircel offers two different tariff plans of Rs 1150 and Rs 950 particular for Apple iPhone 4S in the market. The Apple iPhone 4S price is extremely high in India as compared to other countries including UK and US. Meanwhile, you can also get 3000 local and STD minutes, and 350 local and STD SMS, while 650 MB of 3G data, and 1GB of Wi-Fi data as well.

Airtel tariff plans and Aircel tariff plans designed similar but have differences. The customers have lot of options to choose from in the tariff plan list such as Rs 600, Rs 1000, Rs 1600 and Rs 2000. Moreover, if you take the tariff plan of Rs 2000 then you can also get a discount of Rs 1000. Meanwhile, the customers also get 1500 local minutes, 600 local SMS and national SMS, and 3GB of 3G data also. If the customers get all these tariff plans then the customers can save up to 24,000 for next 2 years. The new Apple iPhone 4S specifications reveal that the phone available with two different colors like white and black. The phone connects both 3G and 2G network. As compared to both operators tariff plan, Airtel tariff plans is much better than Aircel tariff plans because of the Airtel has a minimum rental of Rs 300 as compared to the Aircel has a minimum rental is Rs 950.

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Launch iPhone 4S In India

Airtel And Aircel To Launch

iPhone 4S In India


It looks lіkе Apple‘s iPhone 4S wіll arrive іn India bу thе еnd οf thе month through Aircel аnd Airtel carriers.

Thе folks over аt Thе Times οf India hаνе learned frοm trusted sources close tο thе matter thаt Airtel plans tο launch thе iPhone 4S οn November 25.

Furthermore, Aircel already announced thаt іt wіll carry thе iPhone 4S beginning November 25 οn іtѕ official Facebook page. Thеrе′s аlѕο a countdown οn thе carrier's Facebook account thаt confirms thе information.

Aircel Airtel iPhone 4 294x300 Airtel And Aircel To Launch iPhone 4S In IndiaCustomers whο want tο рυrсhаѕе thе iPhone 4S frοm Airtel ѕhουld now thаt thе smartphone wіll bе available аt starting 00:01 hour οn November 25 frοm major select stores асrοѕѕ thе country, Thе Times οf India reports.

All Apple fans mark down these dates in your calendar- November 18 and November 25. News has just emerged that the pre-bookings for the iPhone 4S in India will start on November 18 and the smartphone will be released on November 25. Airtel and Aircel will be the service providers introducing the Apple iPhone 4S in India.

Aircel has already confirmed on its web site that the pre-bookings for the iPhone 4S will commence on November 18. Airtel has not even so given out any official information regarding the launch inside the iPhone 4S despite the fact that it genuinely is strongly believed that the iPhone 4S is going to become readily obtainable at Airtel retailers from November 25.

iPhone 4S coming soon to an Aircel shop close to you.
Grow to become a proud owner, pre-book your iPhone 4S here.
Pre-booking begins Nov. 18th, 2011.', may well be the announcement on Aircel world wide web web page.
The iPhone 4S may be by far the most current generation inside the Apple iPhone and was released inside the U.S on October 14 to a roaring reception and had sold further than 4 million units in just 3 days inside the release. The iPhone 4S expense in U.S begins from $199 on a contract. The expense inside the iPhone 4S in India is just not on the other hand identified officially, but is estimated that the rates could commence from about 40,000 INR (roughly $800).

Apple iPhone 4S is powered by a dual-core A5 processor which is twice as rapid as the processor on the iPhone 4. iPhone 4S is supplied in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage selections. iPhone 4S capabilities a 8 MP camera with LED flash on the rear which is capable of shooting 1080p HD video. iPhone 4S speak time is as significantly as 8 hours, standby time is as significantly as 200 hours too as the video playback time is as considerably as ten hours.

By far essentially the most astounding feature on the iPhone 4S is SIRI which Apple dubs as your intelligent private assistant. SIRI is essentially a speech recognition computer software plan that understands what you say and does components for you like producing telephone calls, sending messages, setting reminders and so on.

The roaring achievement inside the iPhone 4S was some what subdued suitable immediately after the launch with owners inside the new iPhone 4S complaining of battery drain and low battery life. Apple has lately released an update, iOS 5.0.1 to solve the battery predicament inside the iPhone 4S and you will uncover mixed reactions towards the update. We have to wait and see if the iPhone 4S released in India will come stock with iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5. If it comes with iOS 5 it can be truly far improved to update swiftly to iOS 5.0.1

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New Apple iPhone 4s vs Android Elite

iPhone 4s vs Android Elite

iPhone android development holds the biggest pie of the smartphone application development. If one is known for its perfection, the other is famous for its robustness.  There has been intense competition between these two platforms with Android becoming the fastest growing mobile development platform in the world holding a huge share of the market. Being open source it has become the ideal choice for many developers around the world. iPhone though continues to capture the imagination with its continuous innovations. Most businesses look to cash in on their popularity by developing apps which promote business.

Apple iPhone 4S or Android Elite?

Apple iPhone 4S and Android Elite series are giving competition to each other. Both iPhone development and Android development are used for developing applications for these gadgets. It is difficult to compare between these two platforms as the specifications of both iPhone 4S and Android series of smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation 4G, Motorola Droid Boinic) is the same. They have always been head to head against each other with features.

Camera is the only parameter that separates Apple iPhone 4S and Android Elite. iPhone 4S has made considerable improvement from the iPhone 4 in terms of the camera but when it comes to the quality of the image in terms of exposure quality, color accuracy, sharpness and distortion Android Elite seems to be much ahead of the iPhone. Even the video clips captured with the use of Android Elite fare better than those shot with an iPhone.

Having said that, it is very difficult to judge which among the two is a better platform for mobile development. There are many features where the iPhone 4S rules over the Android Elite series. With a storage capacity of 64GB it is almost unmatched with any of the Android phones. The iPhone app store also puts this platform into an advantage as there are a wide variety of apps which make iPhone worth an experience for the users. Also the fact that iPhone is a closed setup makes it a more secured smartphone application development platform.

If you are looking for a perfect partner for your iPhone Android development or any other smartphone application development, Evon Technologies would be the best choice. The firm offers a host of mobile development services among which iPhone development and Android development hold majority share. The company is reputed for its quality and serves customers spread in every corner of the world. Its greatest USP is the fact that it has a well-knit team of mobile developers who have expertise in the platform. They offer you highly cost effective solutions and let you hire developers on a flexible basis to meet your business needs.

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iPhone Micro USB plug and third-party chargers

Hands on with the iPhone Micro USB plug and third-party chargers


Last month, an 'iPhone Micro USB Adapter' popped up on Apple's British online store. Since then, the little plug has made its way across Europe—but not beyond its borders—and it's not hard to connect the dots between this adapter and the earlier European agreement to make all smartphones use the same Micro USB port for charging. So far, it doesn't look like Apple is going to stop including a power adapter with its iPhones in Europe, but even at Apple's prices (£8 in the UK, €9 elsewhere) the Micro USB plug could be a somewhat cheaper alternative to buying a an additional charger or cable for those who already own one or more third-party chargers.

The Micro USB plug is very small: just as wide, half as tall, and twice as thick as an SD card. It allows an iPhone be connected to a Micro USB cable instead of the traditional 30-pin connector. The plug supports both syncing and charging, and it\'s listed as compatible with the iPhone 3G and later.
We took the plug for a spin using an iPhone 4 and and a Blackberry charger, and for good measure, tested a few other chargers and charging methods as well. Charging times varied somewhat, and one charger failed to charge the iPhone at all.

How did things get so complex?
As it turns out, USB power is fraught with hidden complexities. It is generally understood that a garden variety USB port will deliver 500 milliamps at 5 volts, but there are circumstances where a USB port can't deliver 500mA (for instance, when an unpowered USB hub sits between the device and the host). In those cases and before the USB data connection has been configured, a device may only draw 100mA. This is the reason that iPod and iPhone manuals all say to connect the device directly to the computer and not to the USB port on a keyboard, which is only meant to power a mouse. To make matters more complex, Apple computers younger than about four years old make it possible for devices to ask for additional power above the standard 500mA.

Implementing a good deal of USB communication logic just to provide more than 100 milliamps worth of power can add unwanted complexity and cost. As a result, some older and/or cheap devices don't bother with this: the devices simply assume they can draw 500mA, and the chargers are capable of delivering at least that. Ignoring a few corner cases, such as low-powered ports on hubs or keyboards, this works well with devices that need 500mA or less. The trouble is that smartphones have big batteries, and charging those at just 500mA is a lengthy affair—the original iPhone, which has the same charging chip as the fifth-generation iPod, takes 3.5 hours to charge.

To address this issue, the USB Implementers Forum came up with a detailed specification for USB-based battery charging. A charger that follows this specification simply connects the USB data lines together over a resistor. The iPhone (3G or later) or other portable device detects this and knows it's OK to draw as much as 1500mA.

Testing time
That's the theory, and below are some experimental results. In each case, we start with an iPhone 4 with a dead battery. 3G is turned on, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off and the phone isn't used during charging except to take a screenshot every ten minutes.

I bought my iPhone 4 from the UK; this means I can't plug it in anywhere, so I still use my iPhone 3G charger. This charger will charge the iPhone 4 in approximately 123 minutes. Interestingly, charging the iPhone 4 from a mid-2011 MacBook Air—even with no iTunes syncing—took ten minutes longer at 133 minutes. The System Information/System Report shows the iPhone 4 is granted a total 1000mA power draw. (Surprisingly, this is also true for the 5G iPod.) A mid-2007 MacBook Pro, on the other hand, doesn't show any additional power granted to the iPhone, and charging from that computer takes around 185 minutes.

But enough of that: it\'s time to move on to the third party chargers. The charger for my Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones is rated for 500mA. When connecting an iPhone with a dead battery, the iPhone will charge for a few minutes showing the 'low battery' screen. It then boots up and no longer recognizes the power source. Presumably, this charger leaves the USB data lines disconnected so the iPhone doesn't recognize the charger as a charger and also can't initiate the USB communication protocol. Thus limited to a mere 100mA, the iPhone apparently declines to charge.

I also found a no-name USB charger for some long-forgotten device that is rated for 1000mA, the same as the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 chargers. Unlike the Sennheiser charger, this one charges the iPhone just fine in about 121 minutes.

Yet another 1000mA USB charger is tiny and white, looking a bit like an Apple knockoff, so presumably made with the iPhone in mind. It charges the iPhone, but it somehow affects the iPhone's touchscreen: gestures are no longer recognized in the correct place on the screen. Fearing that the power was out of spec, I disconnected it to prevent possible damage. However, I saw a forum post from someone reporting the same effect when charging an iPhone from the 2100mA iPad charger, which works fine for others and is officially sanctioned by Apple.

But now the real test: charging the iPhone with a 700mA Blackberry charger using Apple's Micro USB adapter. The iPhone went through the usual dead battery routine and after a somewhat slow start and charged at 10 percent per 10 minutes, slightly slower than from the 1000mA chargers and at the same rate as from the MacBook Air. During the last 20 percent of the charging cycle, where charging slows down, the Blackberry charger made up for its slow start and finished after 133 minutes, the same as the MacBook Air.
First off, all USB chargers are not created equal. This extensive test report from six or so years ago shows this very clearly. While most chargers will charge the iPhone, some simply won\'t work and a few mess up the touchscreen while charging. In general, try to use a charger rated for (at least) 1000mA, which is more likely to be of a more recent design and therefore to be recognized by the iPhone. A 1000mA charger will also support the fastest charging times, and will reach an 80 percent charge a lot faster.

Most chargers these days have a standard USB type A port that the iPhone's dock connector cable plugs into, so the Micro USB adapter is not exactly an essential accessory. But if you have other devices that have a Micro USB port, then it\'s a little easier to travel with just a Micro USB cable and this adapter than with separate Micro USB and dock connector cables. Not in the least as unlike the dock connector cable, Micro USB cables are cheap and available in a variety of different lengths. The adapter is also small enough to carry everywhere in case you need to leach some power off of an unsuspecting Blackberry or Android user when your iPhone runs out of juice unexpectedly.

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Siri -- Next Generation of Search Engine

Siri --- The Next Generation of Search Engine?


Days ago, Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the board and former CEO of Google, said that siri, released on Apple latest iPhone 4S, is a great development in search area and it will be a main competitor to Google's core search business. This is a very interesting topic. Let us read his words between the lines from a user's point of view. Is Eric Schmidt's words really mean that or not.

One of the basic principle of webpage design is 'don't make users think'. That is to say a nice design never makes its users think and learn how to use it. That's a kind of waste of time. From my point of view, this principle has general applicability to a certain extent, especially for users. When users get a new product, they need to know how to use it and experience the enjoyment fast. As a common user, you will not focus on how many new tech used on this new product in most cases. Instead, you want to know what can this product do, how well will it work and how about its user experience. A nice product always does a better job than its competitors on the ease of use. The reason why Apple's products are popular is not only their industrial design but also their nice user experience. The nice user experience includes incredible ease to use and smooth human-device interaction.

Take one of my own experience as an example, when I am filling some forms and I use google to search Hong Kong's post-code more than once then I need to choose one of the ten results from the first page of google search results and after I click one of the results I can finally get what I need, the Hong Kong\'s post-code. Let\'s think, if I use siri, it's much more easier than that. I just need to ask 'What\'s the post-code of Hong Kong?' to her, I will get my answer fast and I even do not need to see it, siri will talk to me and tell me the post-code of Hong Kong. For users, they all lazy. Talking about the iPhone 4s, it is a nice smart phone from Apple. iPhone to Mac can help you to backup your iPhone 4s files on your Mac. For windows users, please use iPhone to PC transfer. No matter search engine(Google) or Siri, they are just a kind of solution, a way to meet their needs. They care about the result is accurate or not and the response is fast or slow. When both of the two ways can help users to solve their problems, as a user, they will prefer the easy, quick and better user experience one. Of course, siri and other voice search products that may be appear later have a long way to go. At least, now siri only support few languages. I think that Siri\'s popular proves that voice search will be the king in search area. People are lazy and they need more easier to use product. At the same time, I believe that a voice search product that can be used in multi-platform will be much more popular than siri, which can only be used on iOS platform.

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Hello everyone, I\'m Pele and nice to meet you here. iPhone 4s's siri now becomes a really popular apps among Apple fans. People talks to it and it returns people answers. Can this be the next generation of search engine--voice search? You can enjoy iPhone 4s by using iPhone ringtone maker to make ringtones for it and iphone sms transfer to backup iphone sms for it.

Problems When You Are Upgrading to iOS 5

Problems You May Face When You Are Upgrading to iOS 5


After the availiable of Apple iOS 5, the world has focused on this most advanced mobile operation system again. 'error 3200' is the most common problem when users upgrade their iOS to the latest iOS 5. Now, the planet is talking about this. So what kinds of problem you will meet when you upgrade to iOS 5 and how to solve and avoid these problems? This article lists several common problems that you may face when you do that and also I provide some solution.

Problem 1: 'error 3200'

Before you upgrade to iOS 5, how to avoid 'error 3200', or just try your luck?

Answer: error 3200 may be caused by Apple server. Till now, error 3200 is less than before but still quite a lot people find it occur. The best solution is wait and upgrade when the server's trafic is not that high or just repeat the operation untill you success. I do not recommend you do that unless you need it right away.

Problem 2: iPad 1 and iOS 5

Is there any problem when I am upgrading my iPad first generation to iOS 5?

Answer: When you are upgrading the older devices to the latest system, you need to know that it will slow your devices. As far as I know that the original iPad (2010) is working fine. The little loss in performance brings you more professional Safari and other new features, such as multi-touch, the original iPad does not have this feature.

Problem 3: Wait and See

I have an iPhone 4 and I will upgrade to iOS 5 after a month or longer. At that time Apple will perfect this iOS 5. I have a iPhone 4GS also and after I upgrade the iOS, I just feel it is not better than before. What do you think of this?

Answers: Really nice question. It is always a nice choice to wait the 5.1 or 5.01 to correct the bugs in 5.0 if you do not need the upgrade immediately. Apple software's release processes a long time after the test. They have more than 1million registered developers to test that for Apple, but there still will be bugs. Wait and see can also reduce the traffic of Apple's server.

Problem 4: iCloud

Can I delete the photo from PhotoStream?

Answer: I'm afraid that you can not do that. You can not just delete your photos from PhotoStream. I believe that will be a problem that Apple will focus on, because users are worry about the privacy problem if they can not delete the photos.

Problem 5: Program and Newsstand

The new version's installation is just OK, except that it will delet all the program I installed before. Before the installation, it does notice user about that, but why not just recover the program after the installation. Users have to sync them and rearrange them by themselves. I also notice that the newsstand can not be put in the utility. I do not want to use it and I also do not want to waste my screen room. I think that Apple just wants us to installation their app, so I just put it on the last screen and stay away from me.

Answers: Losing the program after upgrade is one of the most common complain. I do not know the reason neither. It maybe is a kind of potenctial code that can not save the files and program. The only advice I will give you is that rearenge the program on iTune but not your iPhone.

Problem 6: iCloud

My Mac computer can not download Lion, can I use iCloud with iPhone 4 and iPad 2?

Answer: Yes, you can use iCloud with iPhone 4 and iPad 2, but not your Mac computer. When you finish the installation of iOS 5, the welcome page will intrduce you to iCloud app or you can enter setting to start your iCloud. The data will not sync to your Mac computer.

Problem 7: Same ID and same data

My wife and I use the same ID on iTunes and our contact combine together after I upgraded to iOS 5. How can I just seperate them and how to avoid it happen again?

Answer: I think that you use the same ID when you use iTunes and iCloud, so your iPhone combined the contact from different devices. To keep your contact alone, you should set different Apple ID and iCloud ID. You can still use the same ID to log in the Apple Store and you will keep your contact, bookmark and calendar different.

Problem 8: iCloud and other sync program

I used to use Google to sync my calendar. When I use iCloud, what is the different and should I stop using Google first and then to use iCloud? Can I choose my photo, play list and video and so on?

Answer: Google calendar and iCloud can coexist on one device. I use Google to sync work stuff and use iCloud for private. All the picutures from your iPhone will sync to your computer with iCloud if your computer has the same iCloud feature, but not for album. After iTunes Match\'s release, it can sync all the music from your computer, but iCloud can not do that now.

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Top 10 Features in the New iPhone iOS 5

Top 10 Features in the New iOS 5


Apple will release the brand new iOS 5 for users to update soon for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For a lone time's waiting, Apple finally brings us the perfect iOS 5, the most advanced mobile operation system in the world, with notification center and other more than 200 upgrades.

Among the new features, some of them are already have on iPhone and iPad with 3rd party app. Now Apple brings them back to their own operation system. If you have ever used 'WhatsApp', you will not feel strange when you are using iMessage. WhatsApp allows users to transfer info quickly, including words and multimedia stuff, and with no limitation on mobile platform. 'iMessage' adds some new functions based on WhatsApp, such as store the conversation with iCloud. If your device has Instapaper, you have already experienced parts of the new version Safari's function. If you are using something like 'Remember the Milk' as reminder, you will love the iOS 5's remind function badly.

Some other features may simple but really useful, such as you can take a picture with the volume-up button without unlock the screen. So many new features and now let us see the top 10 new features with iOS 5.

Top 1 Notification Center
I will give the top one new feature to Notification Center. Apple finally gives up the annoying pup-up window when you are playing game or having something important. The previous notice window like a box with no words, it is really annoying, especially at night, when you are playing games or just chating with friends, a notice window pop-up, have you ever imagine that you will throw your iPhone to the wall.

Now Apple brings us Notification Center to replace the unwelcome pop-up window. This one is like the 'Mobile Notifier' app or something like that. The Notification Center not only shows user notice, but also the weather and app's real-time info. If you lock the screen, you can also use the drop-down notice without unlock the screen. When yo swipe the screen, you will see the summary of every notification.

Top 2 iMessage
Apple's iMessage is something like 'BlackBerry Message'. It runs on more than one devices with iOS 5. For example, you can first chat with your friends with your iPhone and then pick up your iPad to talk with them directly. In future, Mac OS Lion will have this feature also. With it you can see who is reading with delivery and read recipts. While, the difference with WhatsApp is that you can not run iMessage with uniOS devices. Maybe Apple thinks that it is not worth to talk to your friends that with Android and BlackBerry freely.

Top 3 New Camera and photo app
This version iOS has two simple but useful features that will meet all the users need. One is that you can access the camera app without unlocking the screen. You can just use grid lines and pinch-to-zoom gestures to get your shot just right. Focus with a tap. You will never pass a pictures that you want. The other is the you can just press the volume-up button to take photos without using the one on the screen. This will be the most welcome feature for the users who take photo often with iPhone.
The new camera app adds simple photo edit functions, you can easily edit your pictures with it, such as Crop, rotate, enhance, and remove red-eye. This will be really useful for the users who do not have 'Camera Plus'.

Top 4 Newsstand
There is a Newsstand on iOS 5, which is really like iBooks. But they have differences, such as the Newsstand is only for magzine and Journal. In fact, it is like someting the between iBooks and File folder.

Top 5 Twitter
In iOS 5, Apple brings Twitter into it everywhere. Such as post pictures to Twitter after you take your photo. IOS 5 allows you to share yous stuff on Twitter directly when you use YouTube, Safari and even Maps. And Apple adds a Twitter option under the contact list.

Top 6 New Safari
The new Safari adds several new features. When you are linking your iPad and iPhone, the webpage will be redesigned to adopt the difference between two screens, it will be more friendly for users when the page is without ads and redesigned.
The redesigned webpage will be added to the read list and saved , you can read it offline later. You can lso sync the page to different iOS 5 devices and Mac OS Lion devices and read them anytime and anywhere. It could be use the iCould.
The view page tab also be added to the new Safari, when you open a page, the tab will be listed under the address bar. It is really fast described by Apple official website. Hope it will sove the problems on lod Safari.

Top 7 Reminders
The new Reminders makes it easy to set out many things to do. Simple and clear, you can arange your day easily and also it can be sync with iOS 5 devices and Mac OS X devices. The most eyeball caught feature is that if you added 'buy milk' to the to do list and you forgot it totally. Do worry, it will remind you when you are passing by a milk store or supermarket.

Top 8 Email System
Apple enhances the email system with much more text format. If your friend likes put all the words bold, that will be a dasister for you and you will not understand his point of view. So more text format can solve this problem easily.
The control of text indent. When you are quoting, you can control the indent yourself.

Top 9 No longer need PC's assistant
With iOS 5, your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will no loner need the assistant from iTunes and PC. At this point, Apple finally catch up Android and Windows Phone 7. It is really convenient that when you open your new devices, a welcome interface will appear and you can update all your apps on iOS 5 with wifi.

Top 10 Game Center
Apple gives some improvment on Game Center and introducing some ideas from Xbox and other game platform, such as adding avatar, game discovery and supports Words for Friends and Scrabble and other game like that.
So all the Apple fans, updating your devices to iOS 5 as fast as you can and enjoy the over 200 new features brought from Apple.

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New Apple iPhone 4S is the perfect mobile phone for gaming fans

Perfect Games To Display The Quality Of The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is the perfect mobile phone for gaming fans. The phones high powered A5 chipset along with the superb quality Retina display means that gaming fans can enjoy a variety of games that come close to rivaling the kind of experience you would expect from some consoles. Here we look at some of the titles that show this excellent model off to its full potential.

 New Apple iPhone 4S News : New Apple iPhone 4S is the perfect mobile phone for gaming fans

The iPhone 4S offers seven times the graphics performance of the iPhone 4 so gaming fans will notice a big difference in how various titles look. Infinity Blade is the game that was demonstrated by Apple at the launch of the 4S and it is undoubtedly the title that best demonstrates the excellent quality that this model can offer. Graphically the game is faultless and the 960 x 640 Retina display is perfect for displaying every inch of detail that the game can offer. Infinity Blade is a title in which you have to dual with a series of characters in order to progress. The gameplay is excellent and is a nice change from the traditional fighting games that are available. If you prefer a 'shoot em up' type of game then you will be hard pressed to find a better title than Shadowgun. Once again the graphics are faultless and the game also offers a high level of artificial intelligence that is unusual on mobile titles and normally reserved for more specialist console games. If these style of games are your passion then it is also worth having a look at Dead Space and N.O.V.A which are other excellent releases.

The iPhone 4Soffers some games which we have grown to love on consoles over the years. There are a wealth of sporting games available with the new FIFA 12 release proving one of the most popular but for an example of a truly superb iPhone 4S download then you should look no further than Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012, another title from EA Sports. This game offers a variety of different modes from a full tour to mini challenges in which you can compete against your Facebook friends. NBA Jam is another games that was a hit in the nineties and has now found its way onto the iPhone 4S. This fun basketball simulation offers a host of current NBA stars together with an easy control system that makes playing the game both simple and fun.

The iPhone 4S is much more than just a great phone. As a portable games console this device offers the processing power and screen quality to compete with many modern consoles. It seems that games developers have acknowledged this fact and have provided the phone with a great range of titles to suit fans of all ages.

The iPhone 4S and the HTC Evo 3D are available now.

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New Apple iPhone 4S News : Going to Make New Records

Apple iPhone 4S – Surely Going to Make New Records

Perhaps mobile phone market is most dynamic in today's scenario as compared to the markets of other products. On the daily basis, we witness the gadgets with new technologies which unquestionably ease the tasks of the users. This is not the exaggeration, but this is the truth, due to the developed multimedia technology available in the handsets of the date. But, the features are not the only factors to catch the attention of the users. The contract deals under which these handsets are available also play a major role in this respect as the users get plentiful of offers under them these days.

 New Apple iPhone 4S News : Apple iPhone 4S – Surely Going to Make New Records

The iPhone 4S Deals perfectly fits into the criteria which make the users fulfill their expectations. The thing that grabs the attention at first is the New generation technology used in this device. This technology makes the handset much faster as compared to its forerunner mobile phones.

On the other hand, the features launched in this handset are also according to the demands of today\'s users. Photography lovers can enjoy taking the snaps through the 8 MP camera of the device. On the other hand, it also comprises of Wi-Fi and GPRS facilitating the users to connect the internet with good speed.

The iPhone 4S contract is also available with a number of benefits, which can be signed with almost every network provider of UK, such as Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, T-mobile, O2 and Three. There are a number of deals on iPhone 4S in UK, among which you can select one according to your requirements. If you do not get the deals with your desired network provider then you can get the iPhone 4S as SIM free handset also. But, if you get the deal then you are surely going to obtain several profits and some free gift. The benefits which often come accessible under deals may include free talking and messaging, free data for some months, line rental with no or very low charge, etc. On the other hand, a wide selection of lavish items as free gifts is available in the market, among which you can acquire according to your choice (among those gifts which are available under iPhone 4S deals).

The iPhone 4S contract can give a lot to the users which will definitely be more than their expectations. The 5th generation technology can also be a major factor to buy this device for the technology freaks. There is no doubt that this device is going to make new records in the coming time.
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