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New Apple iPhone 4S VS Samsung I9100 VS HTC Sensation

iPhone 4S VS Samsung I9100 VS HTC Sensation

Author: Janehuang

In hotly expectancy, iPhone 4S finally marketed on October. By using dual core processor chip and 8 mega pixels camera, the new iPhone 4S includes exact same hardware setting with most top rated dual core Smartphone available. Though components configurations will be similar, all these prime intelligent mobile phones still are usually distinct as for diverse vendor employs with different design and optimization. Beneath that circumstance, performances will be may differ a lot.

Listed here we intend to generate a comparing among iPhone 4S, Samsung I9100 plus HTC Sensation. Generally regards to appearance, screen effect and also video playback.

iPhone 4S advance in many hardware aspects, the true trouble screen continue to characteristics together with classical 3. 5-inch as its past generation. Among the three tools, the rear of iPhone 4S is definitely a lot more pleasing when compared with Sensation and I9100. iPhone 4S however solely provides one Home button, Samsung I9100 has Home button and invisible touch button, HTC Sensation got four frequently-used touch buttons. Almost all three equipment are generally as quick as they can easily. The top designs are usually identical, 3. 5mm earphone plot together with power option. Microphones will be in the bottom at the same time. Almost all three gadgets are usually work with 8 mega pixels camera in addition to LED lights.

Screen Effect
The materials connected with screens of the three unit are usually IPS, Super AMOLED and S-LCD. The visual angle of iPhone 4S is the foremost. The effect of Samsung I9100 is much better as compared to HTC Sensation. Look at the following photos, in brighter place, picture taken having iPhone 4S is usually overexposed, Samsung I9100 and HTC Sensation works better.

HD Video Playback
High definition video playback ability is critical to judge the processing ability to a unit. Let's produce a evaluation on the subject of play 1080p video.

As to the built-in media player in iPhone 4S confine in video formats, some formats will not be supported, thus we tested with next application AcePlayer. The file format of the test video is definitely MOV with a few resolutions: 480p, 720p together with 1080p.

All three machine are usually works fantastic also playing 1080p high definition videos. iPhone 4S, Samsung I9100 together with HTC Sensation are common capable of play them fluently. Regarding limitation of support video format, try MKV to iPhone 4S.

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New Apple iPhone 4s Business Programs

Apple iPhone 4s Business Programs Apple iPhone 4s Business Programs 

Mobile has become the integral part of a daily routine. It has become so respectful in the corporate world. Millions of profits has been made because of this gadget. This is a reason why in every pocket in the business world a mobile phone will never be a miss. It is one of the best ways of achieving the milestones.

Having an Apple iPhone 4s case on the belt or on a strategic place for quick reach of the phone is common amongst the business players. This ensures that the phone is both safe and always closes by when needed. The iPhone business apps are one of the reasons why if you have the phone for business you will need to have it by your side. The apps are designed to make every day-to-day business activity be a breeze.

Some apps does not seems to be for business but actually, they are. What important is that how you make use of those apps. Social apps like google also qualifies the business apps. In posting updates, ads and many more such things these are useful.

When it comes to office documentation, there are apps to get you sorted in that area. These apps will be a huge Savior in instances where a documents need to be urgently sent and you are nowhere near your desk. QuickOffice app is the answer to such emergency cases. This provides you the office word format and presto. Once you get to your office, you can use your Apple iPhone 4s accessories to link up the phone to the PC and transfer the same document.

There is a diary app that performs like a calendar. It helps I keeping the record of business meetings. It will enhance time efficiency that will lead to proper and timely planning of events. Time is required in running a business and diary app makes it possible.

Fring helps in having a good communication. It helps you in having video chats/calls even. This means doing video conferencing while on the go. It was tough earlier. It enhances the business efficiency. You also get the updates which are important for the business. As you go about using your phone, it is vital to have an Apple iPhone 4s screen protector. This will keep the screen of your phone safe from damage, which is mainly in form of scratches. iPhone 4s is not just a phone but a business gadget.

The need for Apple iPhone 4s accessories is on the rise. Head over to Exclusive Mobile Shop iPhone 4s to find the most selection of Apple iPhone 4s cases. We offer free shipping and our prices are extremely competitive.

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New Apple iPhone 4S Airplay And Additional Extras

The iPhone 4S Airplay And Additional Extras

Author: Emily Rogers

The new iPhone 4S has many great features that make the handset one of the very best available. Among the list of features is the excellent Airplay facility which enables you to stream audio files to a compatible product. This system enables you to use your phone as a music player which can be listened to in other rooms in your property. We take a look at Airplay and what additional products are available to help you get the very best from this service.

Airplay on the iPhone 4S works in a similar manner to DNLA services on Microsoft devices. All audio files that you have stored on your phone can be accessed by additional products. These products can be music systems, speakers or AV receivers and help you to convert your phone into the centre of a multi room home audio system. Airplay takes advantage of the WiFi connection that is available to connect to other products although the majority of these can also be connected with an Ethernet connection. Music can be streamed to multiple rooms at the same time which is ideal if you are hosting a party or you can choose to simply have your music in a single room. It is not only the music that is streamed with Airplay but a host of other information is also transmitted along with the audio track. This means that song names, artist names and other information can be displayed on the additional equipment providing it has a display and album artwork can also be sent.

Owning a iPhone 4Sis just part of running the Airplay service. There are numerous products that you can connect to help you enjoy your music in the best possible quality and the pick of all of these is undoubtedly the B&W Zepplin Air. This iconic speaker boasts an unusual yet modern design and also delivers the best possible audio performance. There are a pair of 25mm tweeters included and these are coupled with a pair of 75mm mid range drivers. Each pair of these speakers is driven by a 25 watt amplifier and there is also a 50 watt amplifier that is solely used for driving a powerful sub woofer. If you prefer a more traditional design then the Denon CEOL is the unit for you. Comprising of a pair of speakers and a main unit this excellent system is available in a black or a white finish. The amplifier section pushes out 65 watts to each speaker and the quality of sound that is produced makes this one of the best units available.

Airplay is one of the features that helps the iPhone 4S stand out from its competitors. The feature helps deliver high audio quality to additional products and the two that we have highlighted are the very best currently available.

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The iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Note are available now.

Apple Christmas Giveaway On The New Apple iPhone 4S

Apple Christmas Giveaway On The iPhone 4S

Author: Emily Rogers

It seems that the folks at Apple are feeling festive as they have launched details of their annual Twelve Days Of Christmas application. This new download is available for users of the iPhone 4S and all previous models and is the manufacturers way of saying a big thank you to all of its customers.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas application is available from the iTunes App Store and can either be downloaded directly onto the iPhone 4S or on a home computer which will automatically synchronise the download with your phone if you are using the excellent iCloud service. Although the new application is available now it does not officially start until the 26th December. On this day and for the 11 days that follow Apple will send a free gift to the user. This gift will be either an audio track, a music video, an application or a book. Apple will send a push notification to your iPhone 4S when your gift is ready and then all you need to do is click on a button and it will be installed on your handset. What is impressive about this application is that the quality of gifts that are given away is very high. It would be easy for Apple to send you music from obscure bands and games that nobody has ever heard of but they do tend to give you some genuinely good surprises. Lasts years line up included some big names including Cheryl Cole, Kings Of Leon and Michael Buble.

The iPhone 4S is the perfect handset to make the most of these free gifts that you are sent. The audio player that is incorporated on the phone is one of the very best. It uses the same software that was used on the excellent iPod Touch device which means you are presented with high quality cover art and numerous ways of selecting the track that you want to listen to. Video playback is equally as impressive thanks to the model using the highest quality mobile display available. Known as the Retina display this screen can produce a resolution of 640 x 960. As a result of this the phone manages to display a massive 326 pixels per inch which is a level that exceeds what the human eye can detect. This screen is not only perfect for music videos but also for any games applications that you may be sent. The display is a capacitive touchscreen which allows you to perform all controls and manoeuvres on screen.

Apple tend to give away some great gifts as part of this application and the iPhone 4S is ideal to use all of them to their full potential. The phone offers a great music player and a high quality screen ideal for gaming and video playback.

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The iPhone 4S and the HTC Explorer are available now.

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Best Apple iPhone 4S – Great Gadget

Best Apple iPhone 4S – Great Gadget in the late Steve job's Empire

Author:kate cliff

The Late Steve job's name is yet live in field of electronic as Apple\'s Gadget. The name and fame of Apple is worldwide famous for its electronic equipments from since 1976. Through this article I want to give information about latest model of Best Apple iPhones 4S released on October 14, 2011 in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. This is the fifth generation of iphone models, each escorted by one of the five major releases. It is a combination of a widescreen iPod with a touch screen, mobile phone, and internet communicator. The speciality of all Best Apple iPhones is its touch screen and retina display.

It is one of the best touch screen Smartphone developed by Apple Inc. Hardware (antenna, camera, battery, processor and storage)In this new and improved model '4S' the cellular radio in the phone can choose between two antennas, depending on which is sending or receiving signal best. The body of 4S is made of glass and steel.

The camera on the iPhone 4S is capable of shooting 8MP (3264 by 2448 pixels) and 1080p video recording. It also has numerous traditional buttons, including one on the front and some on the side, such as volume buttons.

Human output includes a small speaker, vibration, and a colour display which is 3.5 inches across diagonally with 960 by 640 pixels. Its 3.5 inch is smaller than Samsung galaxy and nexus. It enables to input commands with a multi-touch screen that can be touched in more than one place at once.

Apple brings the iOS 5 operating system, which Apple states as having 200 new features compared to the previous version. The battery backup of this model is 200 hours standby, 8 hours talk time on 3G, 14 hours talk time on 2G, 6 hours 3G browsing, and 9 hours Wi-Fi browsing. It has 512MB of RAM, maximum available storage size increased to 64 GB as the 32 GB and 16 GB model options were retained.

Software (Language, Siri, Operating system and network)

It supports many languages of the World according to feature, such as keyboards compared to the word analyst and spell-checker, which needs a large dictionary of words. Language support is related to the iOS 5 operating system that the device launched with, though not always. Siri is an automated voice control system supported French, English, and German at launch in the '4S'. This is the unique feature of this model. The Operating system of 4S has 200 new features compared to the previous version. This gadget work on both GSM and CDMA network. For GSM network it supports up to 14 hours of talk time.

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New Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White - iPhone 4S on Orange Deals

Author:Faith Hill

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White is a gorgeous presentation of technological skills and a perfect blend of great interiors as well as exteriors. The device is not available on CDMA if sold and activated for use on a CDMA network. The gadget is 3G powered and is available in vivacious black color.

Given below are the excellent and high quality features of the Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White:

The Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White is built in the dimensions of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm and weighs 140 grams only. The widget is well equipped with the 3.5 inches (~330 ppi pixel density) LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touch screen that exhibits 16 million colors in the resolution of 640 x 960 pixels. The handset is further attached with the facilities of Scratch-resistant oleophobic surface, Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Scratch-resistant glass back panel, Three-axis gyro sensor and proximity sensor for auto turn-off.

It is very important for any device to have good memory for storage. The Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White is available with the large internal memory of 16/32/64 GB and 512 MB RAM in which users can store large amount of their personal stuff. Other than this, the widget runs through the Standard Li-Po 1432 mAh battery that ensures the stand-by time up to 200 hours (2G) / up to 200 hours (3G), talk time up to 14 hours (2G) / up to 8 hours (3G) and music play up to 40 hours.

The Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White is supported by the large variety features such as Micro SIM card support only, Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, Siri natural language commands and dictation, iCloud cloud service and Twitter integration. The gadget further dwells Audio/video player and editor, Image editor, Voice command/dial, TV-out and messaging.

The entertaining facilities of the phone comprises of an 8 MP camera that accords the image resolution of 3264x2448 pixels. The handset is available with the camera properties of auto focus and LED flash. Furthermore, there are some camera features that provide great imaging support such as Touch focus, geo-tagging and face detection. Video recording is also done in the Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White with the help of LED video light, video stabilization and geo-tagging. Additionally, secondary camera is also devised in the gimmick to enjoy making video calls.

Connectivity in Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White can be done through the options of GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. Other than these, HTML web browser and GPS are also present for you all.

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New Apple iPhone 4S Features An Enhanced 8 Megapixel Digital camera

The Apple iPhone 4S Features An Enhanced 8 Megapixel Digital camera

The iPhone 4S has previously confirmed to be the most productive item start to date for Apple. This is thank you to remarkable capabilities like its 8 megapixel digital camera, Siri voice recognition app, large-resolution retina screen and dual-core processor.

One of the most talked about capabilities of this handset is the 8 megapixels camera, which provides some 3 million more pixels than the iPhone 4. I this post I will concentrate on how the iPhone 4S performs as a digicam phone.

As mentioned, the iPhone 4S has an 8 megapixel digital camera. With 3 million a lot more pixels than the iPhone 4, it provides greatly improved picture quality. But the improve in pixels is not the only enhancement made to this digicam. Video clip can now be captured in 1080p good quality (at thirty frames for each 2nd), which is ambigu the 720p which can be captured on the iPhone 4. The developed-in gyro sensor functions at the rear of the scenes to supply a video clip stabilisation attribute, that means video clips seem smoother. Several functions remain the very same autofocus, LED flash contact focus and geo tagging are all involved.

The iPhone 4S also has a front struggling with VGA camera. This can be utilized for self-portrait photographs and video clip, as properly as video calls. These can be carried out around Wi-Fi networks with other iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 customers many thanks to the FaceTime software.

The digital camera on the iPhone 4S drastically rewards from the twin-core 1 GHz Apple A5 processor. The camera interface responds virtually instantaneously. From the time of opening the digicam app, the first photo can be captured inside of 1.5 seconds, with added photograph each and every .5 seconds. This is faster than most competing handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation.

The hardware of the digicam has been improved also. There are now 5 lenses inside the camera, which means that photographs show up sharper, and the aperture has been widened, to permit much more light to be captured inside every pixel. The resulting photos have to be noticed to be believed, and thanks to the levels of technology incorporated in the digicam, the iPhone 4S makes an best substitution for a standalone electronic camera.

There is of program a great deal to like about the iPhone 4S but the camera is arguably one of the most crucial facets, as this is one of the major influences when picking a new smartphone. It has no doubt been a large part of the charm for many, and contributed to the popularity of this gadget.

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Apples Market Share Increase Thanks To The iPhone 4S

October Sees Apples Market Share Increase Thanks To The iPhone 4S

In October we saw the launch of the eagerly awaited iPhone 4S. This new dual core handset offers users a host of great features including the impressive Siri voice recognition system. We take a look at how sales of this model have compared against Android, the current market leader.

Apple increased their market share in the UK in October to 27.9thanks to the launch of this exciting new model. In that month alone Apple handsets accounted for 42.8of UK sales for all mobile platforms. This figure eclipses the 35share achieved by Android, the current market leader and nearest rivals to the Apple brand. Data research company Kantar Worldpanel Comtech released the figures which also illustrate that a massive 44.8of the UK public currently own a smartphone. Dominic Summeno, a spokesperson for the company commented 'The October launch of the hugely anticipated iPhone 4S has catapulted Apple into second place among operating systems based on the last 12 weeks of sales. However, if you just look at the month of October, Apple took a whopping 42.8share of all smartphone sales, giving it a significant lead over Android'. Another figure that has emerged is that of all of the new iPhone 4S purchases 75were by people who had previously owned an iPhone. This illustrates that the company have established tremendous brand loyalty and this bodes well for future handset releases such as the anticipated iPhone 5 in 2012.

Although October was a huge month for Apple and the iPhone 4Swe can expect November to be a much more balanced month with several manufacturers choosing to release key Android handsets in this period. Samsung look likely to achieve great success with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The previous flagship model released by the company, the Galaxy S2, proved an international success and quickly became the best selling handset of 2011. The improved specification of the Galaxy Nexus should see this model quickly become one of the leading phones available. HTC have also impressed with their efforts over the past month. With the Sensation XL and XE models the company have not only developed two superb smartphones but also ones which offer audio facilities that surpass all of their rivals thanks to the incorporation of Beats Audio technology. With a huge proportion of the UK public using their phone as a portable audio player we can also expect these two models to be challenging the market leaders.
The iPhone 4S has been a massive success since its release. The UK figures for October surpass what industry experts predicted but we should see Android fight back over the next two months thanks to the excellent releases from Samsung and HTC.

The iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are available now

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IOS 5 Tips & Tricks for new Apple iPhone 4S Users

IOS 5 Tips & Tricks for iPhone Users

Author:Pan Empire

Still figuring out what's new with the latest iphone update? Then newest version of iphone software, iOS 5, comes with lots of handy features. Here are some convenient shortcuts to make using your device easier.

Press the Home Button 2x (Double Click)
Double clicking the Home button at the bottom of your iphone will allow you to see all applications running at the bottom in the Multitask bar. To switch back and forth between apps, simply tap the icon for the app you want to switch to.

Tip: To conserve battery life, tap and hold down any icon that appears in the Multitask bar. A red cancel button (a dash) will appear to the left of the icon. Tap it to close the application(s).

Multitask Bar – Swipe (left to right)
This allows you to skip through or pause your music while running other applications.
After double clicking the home button, swipe left to right across the multi-task bar and the music controls.
Tip: Swiping right to left will show you more currently open apps.

Press Top Volume Button (in camera app)Take a Picture

When taking photos, you can use the top volume button as the shutter button instead of tapping the shutter on the screen. Just hold the phone like you would an actual camera and press the button closest to your right finger.

Tip: This option is more convenient than pressing the button on the screen because you can take a steadier shot.

Press Either Volume Button
This silences an incoming call.
Forgot to turn off your ringer at the movies? Pressing the up or down volume button will instantly silence the call, without the caller knowing. They will hear the standard amount of rings, and be directed to voicemail.
Tip: Want your call to go straight to voicemail? Double press the power button at the top of your iphone.
Shake (when typing)Shake to undo Typing
Shaking in any typing application will undo your typing. Shake again to redo typing. This works for texts too.
Tip: Didn't mean to undo/redo typing? It will prompt you before doing so (see photo to the right.)
You can also shake to shuffle songs when playing music

Swipe Down (top to bottomPulls down a window shade-like screen with weather updates, reminders, and other notifications.
Tip: Swipe up sends it back to the top, out of sight.
Swipe left or right to switch between a seven day forecast and the current day's forecast.

For even more tips as well as images, please go to Wave Front Computers:: Blog: iOS 5 tips and Tricks
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Using Your iPhone Safely

Using Your iPhone Safely

If you have ended up with a cracked iPhone then this could have been a result of anything. In many cases it won't have been your fault and the phone will have just dropped out of your hands while you were using it. In some cases you can even end up with a cracked iPhone while the phone is still in your pocket and this happens because you end up accidentally walking into something – such as the corner of a table – which then skewers and breaks the screen of the phone.

    However while in many cases you will not be responsible for the damage to your phone, in other cases a cracked iPhone is a result of negligence to an extent or to you using the phone somewhat recklessly. For instance if you are using the phone while multitasking – for instance trying to send a text with one hand while doing something else such as cooking or eating is a recipe for damaging the phone, while at the same time if you are craning to take a photo with one hand then this is a short way to get a cracked iPhone too.

    The good news is that it is possible to get iPhone repairs and iPhone glass replacement when you do get a cracked iPhone and this means you can use your phone again. iPhones though very well designed are ultimately just things and they can be repaired or replaced accordingly. However your health is something that is not replacement and not as easy to repair – and in many cases using your iPhone in a manner other than that which is recommended can end up posing a very real threat to your health.

    For instance if you are in fact walking while texting then this is very likely to mean that you aren\'t paying attention to the road or where you\'re walking and so it\'s not completely unlikely that you might end up tripping over, walking into something, or even walking into the road and being hit by a car as a result.

    Similarly if you are craning to get a shot of something on your iPhone camera then this can mean that you are leaning and straining to a great extent so that you are off balance, and while at the same time operating the camera. If you are multitasking with the iPhone in any way then, you need to make sure that you are secure and safe and that you manage to keep enough attention on what you are doing – otherwise a cracked iPhone might be the least of your worries.

    This isn't the only way in which an iPhone could pose a health risk however. For instance if you are using your iPhone in public at night when you're in a quiet area, then you might risk making yourself a target for theft. When it's clear that you are lost and using your iPhone as a torch/GPS through the rougher areas of a city then this really isn't sending the best signals.

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