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Choosing Cover for new Apple iPhone 4S

Choosing the right iPhone 4s Cover for your Phone

Author: Sandy Jones

Owning an iPhone is a sure ticket to get you instant recognition among peer groups. But if you are truly looking to enter the elite group of iPhone owners, make sure to own one of the many cool accessories, especially iPhone cases that are sold independently. When you spend over $500 to own the smart phone, doesn't it make sense to spend a few dollars to buy an iPhone 4s cover and protect it from scratches and shocks. With a wide variety of choice available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Here's a list of the different types of iPhone covers available in the market:

iPhone 3Gs Case From Otterbox: Agreed that the iPhone 3Gs isn't the latest phone, but this accessory is a cool thing to possess. Made from silicone case, this is an ideal choice for simple everyday protection. It also contains an inner coring that takes the impact away, thus protecting it from a bump or shock.

Book styled iPhone 4 case from Twelve South: This handbook styled case from Twelve South is made exclusively for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. It also doubles up as a wallet, and has slots for debit/credit/ID cards and cash. Rather than bothering about carrying your wallet, along with your phone and car keys, simply grab the BookBook and your car keys.

Phone Cases from 3D Glitz: The glitzy phone covers are ideal for those who'd love to add to some glamour into their daily lives. The cover carries different designs including glittering butterflies, cupcakes, hearts, flowers, and stars. The cover is the perfect accessory for those who'd like to indulge in some Hollywood styled glamour.

iPhone Case with Keyword from Box Wave: This iPhone 4 cover from BoxWave looks like a normal case, until you slide it to unveil a full QWERTY keyword that is paired with the phone via Bluetooth. There's also a built-in battery that charges over mini USB.

Phone case for the minimalist iPhone user: This is the most simple of all designs and consists of the nothing but an aluminum frame. There's also an anti-dirt and wear resistance phone to protect your phone from scratches.

ToughSkin case from Speck: This one is for hikers and campers looking to protect their phone from all sorts of physical abuse. Made from silicone, the exterior is deep-grooved to allow maximum shock absorption. There's also a detachable holster with a rotating belt clip that works as a viewing stand.

From diamond encrusted phone cases to an iPhone 4s cover that resembles a cassette case of the 80's, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can buy them at discounted rates from the countless online retail shops that sell them at discounted rates.

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